Just A Gay Update

So I am at work and have nothing better to do. I spent a month in Hawaii, in fact the whole month of Feburary. I have been going to school. In fact I should be doing school work right now. I have been working a lot. In fact I am at work right now (oops… I said that already). I recenty learned that my use of ellipsis (…) in informal writing is wrong, but I don’t care that is why its informal. I have been doing MMA combatives and my body hurts. Especially my ribs. I am sick now so every time I cough I cringe in pain, ouch! A while ago I downloaded every episode from Daria. The MTV show, back when MTV was still slightly enjoyable to watch. I have came to the conculsion that I really like the show, a lot. But the musical episode was real shitty. My son is like 18 months now. He is a lot of fun and work at the same time. It’s cool…………………. I fucking hate this shit. I had like twice the amount written, but I fucking clicked the publish button, some how like half of what I wrote got erased. Fuck this shit. I am so mad now. Anyways, fuck it…..


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Gorilla Biscuits in Tokyo!!!


I try to post at least once a month, I would like to do more, but my job my son and my laziness contribute to barely doing the minimum. Oh well, here is good post for all you old school hardcore lovers out there. So I have been meaning to put these videos up for a long time. Gorilla Biscuits rolled through Tokyo in December. So I got some video shot. The problem is my camera I shoot with is a digital DSLR camera (no I don’t have a camcorder, at least not a good one) so the compression is really horrible. The video looks great, just as good as any camcorder. The problem is for a 2 minute video that has the bad lighting and movement hardcore shows have, the compression is like 220 MB!! The video looks good the camera and on my pc, but when I try to compress the video and upload it, it just looks too blocky and distracting. I hate taking away quality from the video. I don’t know how this is going to work out, but I have no choice. I will give you a couple of videos from the show. But I can’t promise good quality (chances are it is going to look like shit) so I am sorry for the shitty videos. I have done the best I can.

Anyways, the show its self was insane. If anyone has ever been to Anti-Knock than you would know how smallof a venue it is. There was like 200 (or close to it) people jammed pack in this tiny room. It was wall to wall of people. Right from the start you could tell the excitement of the crowd. Little anxietylingered in the air, for this would be Gorilla Biscuits last show in Japan, and it was time to get the party started. CokeHead Hipsters opened for Gorilla Biscuits, this was familiarterritory for both bands. The crowd recieved CokeHead Hipsters pretty well. This was the first time I hada chance to see them. They were a fast reggaey, old school punk hardcore outfit. As you watched the band play you could tell they enjoyed what they were doing. There was a couple of sing-a-long parts and some of the crowd was really into it. And almost as soon as they started, they finished. At this time I thought there was alot of people packed in this tiny venue already. I was wrong. The crowd total almost doubled and at times it felt like it was hard to breath. Before GB came on I met a dude from San Fransisco who was in Tokyo to teach english (usually the case), I met another kid from New York who had a buddy living in Japan and decided to just to change his path in life and found him self there that night. I also saw my good friend Kengo, the lead singer from As We Let Go. As GB was getting ready to start I got stuck between two fat bitches. Two real sumo looking females. Maybe that was why it felt like it was hard to breath, they were sucking all my oxygen. As the horns started and the lights dimmed the kid from New York wondered if the crowd would go crazy or not (it was his first time at a show in Tokyo). I reassured him that Tokyo always shows its guests a good time. And a good time it was. It didn’t take long for the kid from New York to realize that hardcore is truly uniting, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you are at a hardcore show, everybody understands. And from there the rest was a blurr it was over as fast as it started. At least I got some video, being only 23 and having the chance to see Gorilla Biscuits, was truly amazing. I will probably never have another opportunity like this again, well anyways, check out the vids.  



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Air Sex

Crazy Japanese People……

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Kawaguchi-ko Marathon

So I ran my first marathon…

img_1191So that is me freezing my ass off before the race began. It was -2 degrees Celsius, it was fucking cold. I would like to first say that this marathon has to be one of the prettiest, if not THE prettiest marathons in Japan. I mean November 30th, so it is still fall time frame, leaves have changed to falls colors (which is always a a beautiful sight), I ran a the Kawwaguchi Lake, so the water was calm, cool, blue and clear, a snow capped Fujisan (Mt. Fuji) was big, bold and proud. The marathon its’ self was very woody and green. It was a very scenic view. It’s called the Kawaguchi-Ko Marathon because you run around the Kawaguchi Lake twice. (The Ko part of Kawaguchi-Ko stands for lake.) Running around thelake is about ten miles, so you run about 10k (6 miles) out in town first, before you make two trips around the lake. In case you didn’t know a full marathon is 26.22 miles or 42.195 kilometers. I have ran in three 10-miler races before. Actually my last one was about two months ago in Washington D.C. Most people move to the half-marathon before taking on the whole 26.2. But I figured since I am already accustomed to 10 miles, which is close enough to 13.1, I might as well jump straight into a full marathon. I was completely undertrained. I trained to 20 miles on my long runs, but honestly I wasn’t running like I should have. I was being fucking lazy. Soooooooo, when it came to game time, I felt it. I was expecting a 3 hour 30 minute marathon ( I took in consideration to the fact that I was undertrained, I knew going in I didn’t train well enough), But I ran a 3 hour 40 minute time (which is like a 8:26 min/mile pace). 26.2 miles is the longest I have ever ran in one time in my life. The previous longest length was 21 miles. I would say finishing this marathon without stopping and walking is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. But now I know how my body feels after a distance like that. It was a good learning experience. Now I have to get ready for the Tokyo Marathon. More than 200,000 people registered for the Tokyo Marathon, almost 7 times the amount of slots available. I was lucky enough to receive a slot. So I feel it would be a shame not to train to my fullest, know that somebody else could have easily took my slot. I don’t want to be that person who undertrained and ran a flat marathon, when somebody else could have took my slot and ran theirPR. So I am committed, I will post my traininglog soon (hopefully, sometime this month). That way it keeps me honest. Today I ran a beautiful 8 mile tempo. I am really feeling strong since the Kawaguchi Marathon. I first goal for the Tokyo Marathon is 3:10:59, which would qualify me for the Boston Marathon in 2011. My second goal is 2:59:59, under three hours, I WILL reach that in some point in my lifetime. And my third and final goal for Tokyo is 2:55:00, I think if I train right it shouldn’t be out of reach. Keep in mind my fastest 10-miler was 1:03:24 (which is like a 6:20 min/mile pace). Anyways, I will have another post soon of the Gorilla Biscuits show I took video of in Tokyo two days ago, so keep checking for that. I am just putting is out I have had over 2,200 hits to this blog since I started it back in July, not too bad and not too good. Lately, I have had a lot more recent hits, keep ’em coming, and please read. I don’t blogeveryday (at a minimum once a month), but I do have a lot of content up. Just check it out and tell me what you think. Also check out all the shit I have under my “blogroll”. I have other bloggers and various websites you may be interested in. Anyways as always more pictures on Kawaguchi and my son and peace for now.     













































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Innocence Is Stolen: Bloodstained Walls Become Darker Than Red

How can you get off the paralysis of scared skin?
Did you elaborately plot your inspiration?
Is this your inspiration?!
Is it self-consciousness you get off on?! Beyond reckoning you’ve forgotten real reasoning!
Did you really forget?
About time you fucking pay!

(And you know I love you with all of me being there for you. Drop this disgrace, I’ll make your face, if I only could take your place)

I’m condemning you of your fucking life! Imbedded in your fictitious fucking mind! You will feel onset of ongoing pain
As I intrude the inside of you!
You’ll shit gutless on my knife spilling the air with the taste of…
Victory! Is the sound of heart throbbing screams!
Slowly passing the hours playing hypnotist as I lull you to fucking death!


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Mike Nolan is Out! Good!

Well, the season is half over for the 49ers, and we are 2-6. The Niners have lost 5 straight after starting 2-1. But the good is we are tied for second in our hapless divison. Nothing to be proud of. I like what Mike Martz has done with the offense. Now if we can find a quarterback that doesn’t give away the ball away 22 times in eight games, we might win some games. My prediction for the last half of the season is 4-4 for the Niners, leaving us at 6-10 for the season. Mike Singletary has the right idea I think. If he can install discipline in the team and get the players to believe in him they will perform. We will see what happens. Frank Gore has been consistently good except for the game against the Giants. Let’s make a move to move up in the daft to get a quarterback or a trade in the offseason to get a quarterback that fits Mike Martz offense (if he is still around next year). I told you so about J.T. O’Suckalot. At least Shaun Hill will hold on to the ball better. I’ll be really happy if we beat the Cards on MNF. I love football season, but its depressing watching my beloved team getting their ass kicked week in and week out.

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Life can be a big pile of shit… Sometimes…

So I have been crazy busy lately. I totaled my car right before I went to D.C. which sucks. D.C. was fun, I ran in the Army 10-Miler race. I ran my PR, but I did not run what I wanted too. After the race was basically party time, but no one wanted to go out. I guess everybody was jet lagged from the plan ride. Sounded like to me they had sand in their pussies. After I got back my parents came to Japan again this year, for Kyler’s first birthday. But when they got here I got sick and still am right now. Some other shit has happen too, but basically I have been dealing with a lot of bullshit. How you ask? Well for one I am in the Army, so there is a lot of bullshit associated with that. And I deal with this one fucking person senior to me who… Well, we can just say a person like him in the Army is why friendly fire happens. But more than that is wrecking my fucking car. I am so tired of the fucking Japanese police and their stupid fucking judicial system. Did you know a traffic accident that involves injury is tied in with the Japanese criminal law? Meaning, if you get into a traffic accident in Japan, and the greedy fucking Japanese construction worker who you got in an accident with claims he got injured; even though you were only going MAYBE 15k (which is like MAYBE 8mph) and his dumbass was going like MAYBE 30k (which is like MAYBE 18mph), you could get prosecuted (oh and by the way the other driver did not have his lights on). What a bunch of horse shit! You know who should be prosecuted? The fucking dumbasses who build the streets the way they are! If you have ever drove in Japan it’s like driving in a video game. Streets are crazy small, buildings come right to the corner of the street so you can’t see shit with you come to a stop sign, they put stupid fucking stop signs and lights at places that are just so astonishingly stupid that you actually become smarter because you possibly couldn’t feel any more stupid sitting at some of these stop lights, and the only reason these things are there is because at sometime years ago there was a car accident at that intersection, so the Japanese Government decides to put a traffic light there, instead of thinking that maybe the driver made a mistake, the way they branch streets off one another is like these streets grow on their own like branches on trees, you have pedestrians walking or on bikes in the middle of the road, little Japanese smurfs on stupid ass scooters that come flying out of nowhere at every turn, and how they decide which road has priority is… I don’t fucking know. I think what they do is have a retard close his eyes and point at a map of the city and where ever his finger lands is where that build a street or put a stop light. But okay it’s cool I deal with it. But no, when you get in car wreck the Japanese police deal with it like somebody died. They mark the ground up with chalk with the positions of where you were in the car as the wreck happened. And then ask you all kinds of stupid questions about it. Then they try to get you to admit fault. Here is an idea of what I mean:
JP = Japanese Police
ME = Me.


JP – So accolding to rength from the light front of the car to driver’s seat, when you stopped at the stop sign here. Eto…. Uh.. Youuuuuu. You were aploximatery here?

ME – You mean where I was being inside the car in the driver’s seat?

JP – Hai, yes you inside car in driver’s seat. W-When you stopped at stop sign y-you where here in the car, aploximatery?

ME – Sure, that looks good.

JP – Okay, so youoo pull up more, because you could not see to the light or reft. So you moved up more to see to the light and then the reft. When you moved up to see the light and then the reft you where here, aploximatery?

ME – You mean me inside the car or the front of the car?

JP – Hai.

ME – Me inside the car?

JP – Yes. Uhh you in the driver’s seat.

ME – Yeah, I guess that is about right.

JP – Okay so number three is where you saw the other car going this way, west. And you srammed on the blakes?

ME – Sure, I guess.

JP – Aploximatery?

ME – Yeah. Hai.

JP – Okay, so here is number four. You where sitting in the driver’s seat at which when you and the other car hit each other. You corrided with the other car. Here, aploximatery?

ME – Yeah, close enough.

JP – Finarry, number five is where after you corrided with the other car, your car ended?

ME – Mmm-hmm.

JP – Aploximatery?

ME – Yep.

JP – Did you take any medications or arcohor today?

ME – No, nothing today.

JP – Would you say you were in a hurry? To go to work?

ME – No. No I wouldn’t say that.

JP – So you weren’t in hurry?

ME – No.

JP – So when you came to stop sign, you moved up because you could not see. So when you moved up you rooked to the light and then the reft. Would you say you concentrate more on the light or reft?

ME – I would say I concentrated on both equally.

JP – Mmm. So you would say you paid more attention to the reft than the light?

ME – No. I looked to the right and to the left equally. Meaning, I looked at the right the same as I looked to the left. What the hell?

JP – Mr. Otto[name changed] is the other driver of the car you corride with. Ottosan cannot speak engrish and you cannot speak Japanese. Did communicate by hand gesture, after accident happen?

ME – Yeah sure.

JP – Okay. So, you have paid more attention to the light. Rook light than reft and then light one more time and then go forward.

ME – I guess. Or he could have had his lights on, then I would have seen him the first time.

JP – No. Rook light then reft then light then go.

ME – Whatever. He could have had his lights on. Asshole.

JP – Excuse me? I’m sorry I did not hear you.

ME – Nothing. I was talking to myself. Don’t worry about it, dickhead.

JP – Okay so Japanese police will contact you for to make leport.

ME – What the hell where we just doing?

JP – Okay so we will call you.


Repeat above three more times.

All this bullshit for a traffic accident? My supervisor gives me a ride to the police station and the dude tells him it will be like 2 or 3 hours. What the hell? That’s fucking stupid. It could have been worse. I mean I have been through worse. I was question by the Japanese police once for 14 fucking hours straight! Yeah the way they conduct investigations is stupid. By Japanese law you have the right not to answer any question they ask of you. But unlike in the States where you tell the police I’m not going to answer any question you ask, they will stop questioning you. In Japan, they will ask the same questions 3 or 4 times and you have to say each time you don’t wish to answer that question. Silence can be taken as disrespect. Any other disrespect you may show can and will have other charges be brought upon you. Also the Japanese koban(police) can hold you for 23 days with telling you why or without booking you. I hate the Japanese koban. The way I look it is the koban here don’t have guns and nothing else to do, but bullshit-ass paper work on bullshit-ass traffic accidents. What a bunch of fucking tools!

I didn’t have a chance to take video and pictures of the H2O, Strike Anywhere, Black Listed show, because I was in D.C. But it’s okay the D.C. trip is fun and a good break from Japan. This is just the third year in a row I missed Strike Anywhere coming to Japan. That bums me out. Black Listed really sucks in my opinion. So I’m not really upset. I need to update my band list section.

How did I do in the race in D.C. you ask? Well I told you I ran my PR which was 63:24. But I won’t be happy until I get under 60:00 for ten miles. Which I think I can do and I predict if I get chance to do it again next year I will run close to 60 or under. Two years ago the first time I ran in it I ran a 63:50. The year after that, last year, I was in the best shape and more condition that year out of the three. But it was 90 degrees during the race and I took some bullshit energy drink before the race (I knew I shouldn’t have been doing that, but I did it anyways). So I ran 66:00. I was working on my speed and prepping for my first full marathon. But then I had to get fucking sick. I can’t run hard when I get sick. So now for my first full marathon I am going just to run it like any other long run day. I might start off at the pace I want. But if I feel I don’t have it, which is very likely after 12 miles, I will slow it down. The Tokyo Marathon is the marathon I am going to kill. I will run under 3 hours for the Tokyo Marathon. Just in case you didn’t know, a marathon is 26.2 miles.

I took these pictures of car he pulled up next too in traffic in D.C. WTF? I think the birds were really mad at this car for some reason. I mean seriously how do you get THAT MUCH bird shit on your car?








The Niners fired Mike Nolan. Good he fucking sucked it up anyways. Fuck you ESPN talking shit about firing coaches in the middle of the season. Mike Nolan had that shit coming to him. And oh yeah, J.T. O’Sullivan fucking sucks!!! He makes like at least 2 turnovers a game.

Black Listed really sucks, I mean I have them on my iPod and every time one of their songs comes up I cringe to the sound of their music. Luckily I pushed forward and Killing The Dream was on next. Video games rock, but I don’t have the time to play ’em as much as I want. I’m finishing Metal Gear Solid 4. Next after that is Silent Hill: Home Coming. That game should scare the shit out of me. If not I am going to get my 60 bucks back somehow.


Alright, so I saved the best for last, pictures of my son:

He’s so fucking punk rock.




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